Demo Reel

All work shown is edited and composited by Ben Allan. No templates have been used.

Music: Bassnectar - Chasing Heaven

Footage courtesy of: Studiofeed, BBC, Corbin Visual, Worked Films, Discovery Channel, Subpac, Shooting Gap, 3WY, Jay Basky, Andre Rehal, Makins Productions.

VFX Reel

Music: Glitchmob - Skytoucher Footage courtesy of: 3 Day Acvue, Ford, Bell, Remax, AVWTEL-AV, Freeman Company, Shed Simove, Suncor, Innocean, Andre Rehal, Yogi

Bigfoot and the Burtons - Clip

Look and you will find, a Legend that is Real. And if you open your heart you will realize that he's not much different than you After Bigfoot save a young boy's life, the boy must band together with his dreaded siblings to save Bigfoot from the paochers that are trying to capture and cage him. Discover the magic of a chil's promise, the power of friendship, and one boy's courage to teach everyone compassion.

Justice Gal - Clip

A super hero keep here average boyfriend locked away in a cabin to protect him from the bad guys.

CLC Kim - Clip

A discussion at work becomes heated when a employee misses her morning meeting.

Flex The Antihero - Stick Up Kids Ft. Emerson Brooks

Edited/Coloured/VFX by Ben Lee Allan. Taken from Flex The Antihero's album, "Born Rebels" out now on all digital platforms.
Directed & shot by: Jason Baskey (

Rezonare - Shake It Off

Edited/Coloured/VFX by Ben Lee Allan. A Worked Films produced music video I directed for Monstercat Records artist Rezonate for his song "Shake It Off" featuring Jeff Sontag.

Eminence - Knock Me Out (feat. Anna Cyzon)

Edited/Coloured/VFX by Ben Lee Allan. A MuchFACT funded Worked Films produced music video the Andre Rehal Directed for Monstercat Records artist Eminence for their song "Knock Me Out" featuring Anna Cyzon.

Get Up On It

Edited/Coloured/VFX by Ben Lee Allan. Directed by Andre Rehal and produced by WORKED Films, "Get Up On It" is the first video from Dan-e-o's third album, "Inevitable", which is out now on URBNET Records.

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