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Trouble In Suburbia (2021) (In Production)

Marvista Entertainment

Feature - Thriller

Director: Alpha Nicky Mulowa Producer: Avi Federgreen

A Family Seduction (2021)

Marvista Entertainment

Feature - Thriller

Director: Avi Federgreen        Producer: Laura Tremblay


The Curse Of Audrey Earnshaw (2020)

EPIC Pictures
Feature - Thriller/Horror

Director: Thomas Robert Lee    Producer: Gianna Isabella 

Tigress (2020)

Short - Drama

Director: Maya Bastian  Producer: Karl Janisse, Susan Armstrong  Writer: Maya Bastian


Blackout City (2020)

TV Movie - Comedy

Director: Will Bowes, Karen Knox  Producer: Aaron Ries   Writer: Joey Belfiore

The Curse of Audrey Earnshaw (2020)

Feature Film - Horror

Director: Thomas Robert Lee  Producer: Gianna Isabella  Writer: Thomas Robert Lee

Bright Eyes (2019)

Short - Drama/Sci Fi

Director: Mike Mazzuca  Writer: Lori Ann Russel

Eros (2019)

Short - Crime/Drama

Director: Brendan Brady  Writer: Henry Campbell

Theodore (2019)

Short - Drama

Director: Rez Young  Producer: Shomari Downer

Lovers, Leftovers (2019)

Short - Comedy

Director: Darrell Faria  Producer: Nadine Bhabha, David Reale

A Dinner Party (2019)

Short - Drama

Director: Michèle Kaye  Producer: Tejasvi Bhalla, Jen Pogue, Laura Tremblay

Andrew and Emily Grand Finale (2019)
Short - Comedy
Director: Brendan Brady  Producer: Laurel Brady


Upshot (2019)
Short - Drama
Director: Julia Hart  Producer: Evren Boisjoli


Me, Again (2018)
Short - Drama/Fantasy
Director: Kim Albright  Producer: Samantha Kaine

IMP (2018)
Short - Dark Comedy
Director: Joseph Amenta  Producer: Joseph Amenta


A Eulogy For Elle (2018)

Short - Drama

Director: Karan Chapman  Writer: Karan Chapman

Indigos (2018)
Feature Film - Thriller/Drama
Director: Ian Pozzebon  Producer: Brian G. Kring, Clayton Drake

Accidentals (2017)
Short - Drama
Director: Natalie Novak Remplakowski  Producer: Elizabeth Fraser  Writer: Aisha Evelyna

Air Show (2017)
Short - Drama
Maya Bastian  Producer: Michael Banasiak  Writer: Maya Bastian

Happy First Birthday Lucretia (2017)
Short - Comedy
Director: Natalie Novak Remplakowski  Producer: Ben Robinson  Writer: Natalie Novak Remplakowski

Last Ten (2017)
Short - Action
Director: Jupiter Makins  Producer: Jupiter Makins 

Better Than One (2016)
Short - Horror
Director: Jay Baskey  Producer: Michael Schwartz


Justice Girl (2016)
Short - Comedy
Director: Dan Bryan Rosen  Producer: Lee Pham  Writer: Dan Bryan Rosen, Andres Wong

Bully Fighters (2016)
Short - Drama
Director: Jupiter Makins  Producer: Patricia McKenzie


Bigfoot and the Burtons (2014)
Feature - Family Adventure
Director: Jupiter Makins  Producer: Mark Sanders 




The Influencers (2020)

TV Show - Comedy

Director: Mike Heslin  Producer: Mike Heslin  Writer: Mike Heslin


Fraud Squad TV (2011)
Directors: Various  Producer: Daniel D’Or  Production: CanaMedia



Much Fact Music Videos
Directors Jay Baskey and Andre Rehal
For artists such as Maestro Fresh Wes, Mobi Mawia, and Flex The Antihero.


The Magic School Bus - 9 Story - TV (2016)
Director: Rich Weston  Producer: Michelle Awad

Peg + Cat (PBS/NETFLIX) - 9 Story (2016)
Director: Cory Bobiak  Producer: Jennifer Bradley



CFC Graduate
CCE Awards Committee

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